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Experience Wilderness South Africa - Drakensberge
Experience Wilderness South Africa - Drakensberge

"Experience Wilderness" - What is it about?

  • Worldwide unique adventure tours to untouched and mostly unknown wilderness areas all around the globe
  • Fascinating animal encounters and intensive nature experiences
  • Pure wilderness feeling, recreation and tranquility, by avoiding technical equipment (mobile phone, GPS, watch, maps,...) and staying far away from civilization - Digital detox in real!
  • Tracking and stalking as the native Americans did
  • Orientation in the wild and making fire without matches
  • Sleeping under the stars or in tents, cooking on an open camp fire, eating simple outdoor food
  • Interpretation of nature sounds, animals and plants
  • Wilderness hikes during day and night as well as walking and sitting at dawn and dusk
  • A very small group (max. 8 participants), led by a professional, experienced wilderness guide
  • A sustainable experience, by comprehensive cooperation with local partners, carbon neutral travel, usage of organic or regional food, avoidance of sensitive places and times, strictly adhere to "Leave No Trace" principles, as well as raise of awareness for and financial support of wilderness protection

Warning: This tour will change your perception!

Romania - Experience Wilderness Eastern Carpathians
Romania - Experience Wilderness Eastern Carpathians

It is not:

  • A survival training - experiencing wilderness, not surviving in the wild is the main goal
  • A several days trekking tour with heavy backpacks - instead of that we do some day or shorter dawn and dusk walks from a central camping place with no, or only light day packs
  • An easy walk - good physical condition and agility over difficult terrain is necessary as we mainly go off the path. In addition to this we have to carry all the luggage to and from the camp site.
  • A comfortable journey for softies - spirit of adventure and willingness to get out of your comfort zone are prerequisites as we sneak several days through the wild far away from human infrastructure
  • An unpredictable risk - potential lethal animals like bears are part of wilderness, but by behaving in the right way you can minimize the risks to a level of every day life. Your guide  knows every target area and potential sources of danger in detail and will set essential actions. Additionally precautionary measures are taken (first aid kit, emergency call availability,...) and the equipment is of highest quality.
Experience Wilderness South Africa - Hluhluwe Imfolozi
Experience Wilderness South Africa - Hluhluwe Imfolozi

The "Experience Wilderness" tours in detail

In the years ahead we will offer additional "Experience Wilderness" tours. In development is a tour in Slovakia (Poloniny National Park) for 2017. In the planning phase are e.g. trips to wilderness areas in Oman (Rub al-Khali and Jebel Samham), Serbia (Deliblato Sands), Ukraine (Virgin forests in Carpathian Biosphere Reserve), Costa Rica (Osa Peninsula), Romania (Danube Delta), Russia, Scandinavia and Canada.

For further information do not hesitate to contact me. In case of interest, I can also provide you with further details on our "Experience Wilderness" tours who are at the moment in the planning stage.
Important notice: I am just guiding these wilderness tours, booking and other organizational activities are done by the travel agency Tierre Incognita! For further organizational information and booking please contact them directly.


Experience Wilderness

DI (FH) Bernd Pfleger MSc

Mauthausnerstrasse 34, 4470 Enns, Austria

E-Mail: info@experience-wilderness.com

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