Experience Wilderness Eastern Carpathians, Romania

Feel wilderness in the land of bears, lynxes, and wolves

Romania is, except for Russia, the country with by far the highest number of bears, wolves and lynxes in Europe. These fascinating predators mainly live in the Carpathian Mountains and that's exactly where this Experience Wilderness tour leads us to! We stay in the heart of the Eastern Carpathians near Calimani National Park. In this 9 days expedition we travel via night train and mini bus to the area, pitch up our tents at a glade in the middle of a forest full of old and dead wood and experience wilderness at its best.

We stalk red deer, capercaillie, and three-toed woodpeckers, look for tracks of bear, wolf and lynx, and who knows, maybe we have very great luck to even see one of these outstanding predators? As a special highlight we also explore the area on horseback. After this wilderness adventure we relax in a small, traditional hotel before we finalize our trip with a sightseeing tour to the historical center of Sighisoara in Transylvania.

Information about itinerary, prices, dates, equipment,...

You will find all necessary information about the wilderness tour in the following pdf-document: Itinerary, dates and prices, inclusions, terms of payment, equipment checklist as well as important trip notes. Just download it, have a look, or print it out!

Experience Wilderness Eastern Carpathians, Romania
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