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Participant opinions


Participants of our tours are invited to talk about their experiences:

Here you can find the particant opinions from our old webpage:

·  #2 Rudi Tietze (Freitag, 30 November 2012 18:04)

The wilderness tour in the East Carpathien Mountains lasted from 8th to 16th Sept. 2012. Our guid Bernd, my pal Alfred and I took the night train (sleeper) from Vienna, crossing Hungaria, to Medias in Romania. In Medias we explored the historic and picturesque centre and we enjoyed a big breakfast.
On our way to the starting point of our tour we passed by many villages stretching along the road; we saw many horsedrawn vehicles and carriages with locals dressed in traditional costumes; the carriages of the Sinti people were especially elaborately decorated; we felt as time-travellers 100 years ago. I had expected to see more poverty, but this wasn't the case.
During the whole trip we met very friendly and open minded people, however, communication was most of the time difficult because they didn't speak Englisch or German. In the cities Medias and Sighisoara we were impressed by beautiful old buildings, churches, castles and large market places, which were often built by the former German inhabitants (Siebenbürger).
Our experiences in the wilderness have already been described in detail by my friend Alfred; there is nothing essential to add.
Our young but experienced guid Bernd did his best to make the trip unique for us. He is an excellent cook and surprised me again and again with his knowledge about flora and fauna. I am looking forward to the next tour with him.


·  #1 Alfred (Dienstag, 25 September 2012 11:55)

Beginning of September 2012 I was with Bernd in the Carpathian Mountains on his wilderness tour and it was really a great experience. For some nights sleeping in a tent - one night even outside, on a wonderful glade protected by trees. Meals made on the campfire - even fresh bread. Water from a little spring, a fantastic taste! Wandering trough the wild forest in the dawn and once for a hole day (barefoot!!). To study droppings and tracks of wild animals as wolves, boars, deers, foxes, capercaillies etc. with the help of the experienced guide Bernd. No watch, no mobile phone, to feel for a few days only the rhythm of nature. To sit at the campfire and tell stories, interrupted sometimes by the roaring stag. The campfire was once lighted with self-made tools (no easy thing and very exhausting). Coming back to civilization and getting solid meals homemade by our hearty landlady was really a break.
Another highlight was the horseback riding with good-natured horses deep inside Calimani National Park. I never rode a horse before but it was great fun.
The last day we were in the nice old city of Sighisoara (German - Schässburg).
If you would like to make a journey in wonderful nature and want to learn something about it, then I can definitely recommend the well-trained and equipped guide Bernd.
Many thanks Bernd for this wonderful, adventurous trip.

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