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By organizing these Experience Wilderness tours we try to offer a unique nature experience, that on the one hand makes our participants happy, on the other creates harmony between man and nature!

These intense, positive emotional wilderness experiences should enthuse people about wilderness, and as a consequence, should lead towards a more sustainable behavior. Furthermore, these tours should give wilderness a value and provide income for local people.

Experience Wilderness GmbH

Highest quality standards in education, equipment and planing should guarantee the fulfillment of these goals.

Moreover, we don't intend to make profit with these wilderness tours. Instead of that, we will spend an occasional surplus to wilderness conservation projects.


These Experience Wilderness tours are planned and managed by Bernd Pfleger. They will then be guided by himself or Uli Höning. On-site we often cooperate with local organizations that support us in the planning and implementation of our wilderness tours. Moreover, we are embedded in a specific partner network from various disciplines and different parts of the world, that enables us to offer such unique nature experiences for you.

Experience Wilderness GmbH

Wilderness guides

DI (FH) BERND PFLEGER MSc - Experience Wilderness GmbH
ULI HÖNING - Experience Wilderness GmbH
THIES HINRICHSEN BSc - Experience Wilderness GmbH
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