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Unique wilderness tours

What awaits you ?

  • Worldwide unique adventure tours in untouched, often unknown wilderness areas of this earth

  • Unforgettable animal encounters and intensive nature experiences

  • Wilderness feeling, pure peace and relaxation, by doing without technical aids (cell phone, watch, GPS, map, ...) and staying away from human civilization: "Digital Detox", but right!

Experience Wilderness GmbH
  • Tracking, sneaking and sitting, based on the methods of the North American indigenous people

  • Orientation in the wilderness and start a fire without a match

  • Overnight in the open air or in a tent, campfire, simple outdoor meals

  • Recognize and understand animals, plants and nature sounds

  • Wilderness hikes off the beaten track, during the day, at dusk and at night

  • A very small group (max. 8 participants), led by a professional, experienced wilderness guide

  • A sustainable experience, through climate-neutral travel, cooperation with local partners, use of regional and organic food, avoidance of sensitive times and places, application of the "Leave No Trace" principles, as well as awareness-raising and financial support for the wilderness

Attention, this experience will change your perception!

What is it not?

  • Survival training - experiencing the wilderness, not survival, is the focus

  • A multi-day trek with heavy luggage - instead, day hikes or shorter twilight hikes from the overnight place, with or without a light backpack

  • A leisurely walk - good fitness and surefootedness in difficult terrain are necessary, we move off the beaten track. In addition, on the first and last day, all luggage is carried to and from the overnight place.

  • A comfortable luxury trip for warm showerers - a thirst for adventure and lack of comfort are prerequisites, after all, we roam for several days through the wilderness away from human infrastructure!

  • A daring undertaking - potentially life-threatening animals, e.g. bears, are part of the wilderness, but with the right behavior the dangers can be minimized to an everyday residual risk. Your wilderness guide knows every target area and possible sources of danger in detail and will take any necessary measures. An additional safety net (emergency call facility, first aid equipment, ...) is available, only high quality equipment is used.

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