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Uli Höning

Outdoor guide / adventure teacher

"Extreme and remote landscapes fascinate me. They guide the focus on the essentials and thus offer a unique attitude to life. My job is to accompany you in such areas and to experience this special feeling of nature together with you."

  • Numerous professional and private stays in the Alps

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  • Management of many environmental and educational group weeks as part of a "Voluntary Ecological Year" in the DAV's youth education center

  • Implementation of several trainings in the pedagogical, professional sports and tourism area:

- various wilderness training courses

- Tour guide training

- Youth leader training (DAV)

- Further education experiential education (DAV)

- Advanced module sport climbing (DAV)

- Canoe guide training (BVK)

- Ski instructor training (DSLV)

- Lifeguard training

  • Regular participation in first aid courses

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