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The natural beauties of Slovenia

Jagged mountain ridges, emerald green rivers, underground canyons and steep sea cliffs - experience the unique natural beauties of Slovenia with us!

In the smallest of spaces, our neighboring country Slovenia offers a unique mosaic of biological, scenic and cultural diversity. In hardly any other country in Europe is nature still so well preserved and protected by numerous nature and national parks. On this extraordinary, exclusive nature tour we visit the known and unknown natural highlights of Slovenia in a small group of max. 8 participants and let us be enchanted by their beauty.

First we hike on alpine meadows and through gorges in Slovenia's only national park, the impressive Triglav National Park in the Julian Alps, and visit what is probably the most beautiful river in Central Europe, the emerald green Soca. After a short tour of the capital Lubljana, we roam one of the last primeval forests in Central Europe near Kočevje, before entering the enchanting karst landscape of the Notranjska Regional Park with the largest seepage lake in Europe.
We also explore the deepest and largest underground canyon in Europe and the breathtaking stalactite caves of Skocjan, before we visit the bird paradise of the Sečovlje salt pans on the coast and hike along the highest flysch cliff on the Adriatic coast in the Strunjan Landscape Park. Accompanied by our nature and protected area experts and local park rangers, you will take unforgettable nature experiences home with you.



In the attached PDF document you will find all further information about the exact course of the tour, dates & prices, services, an equipment list and general important information.

Simply download, view or print out!

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