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About us

Bernd Pfleger tells us briefly what awaits you on our tours.


With our Experience Wilderness tours and nature trips, we try to offer unique wilderness experiences that lead to happy participants and a harmonious coexistence of man and nature!

The intense, positive emotional experiences of nature should inspire the participants for the wilderness and as a result lead to a more environmentally conscious behavior. In addition, the tours should give value to the wilderness and provide the local population with an income.

Experience Wilderness GmbH

The highest possible quality standards in training, equipment and planning should guarantee that these goals can be achieved.

In addition, our tours are not designed to make a profit. Instead, any surplus will be donated to wilderness conservation projects!


The tours are developed by Bernd Pfleger, and organised by him or Roli Bauer. They are then led by our excellent wilderness guides (see below). On site, we often work with local organizations that support us in planning and implementing wilderness tours and nature trips. Only the embedding in a special partner network from different industries and continents enables us to carry out these unique nature experiences for you.


Wilderness guides

Wir sind stolz auf unsere hervorragenden Guides!

  • Österreichische oder deutsche Biologen / Wildnis-Guides mit detailliertem Naturwissen, welches sie auch spannend vermitteln.

  • Top ausgebildet: Reiseleiter-Schulung, Wildnis-Schulung, Wanderführer-Ausbildung,…

  • Was am Wichtigsten ist: Sie sind selbst begeistert von ihren Touren!

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