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Wooded Carpathians

On the wild river

Lonely and untouched, the San River meanders through the Beskids, surrounded by wild forests, swamps and species-rich flower meadows. Bears wander along its banks, wild boars come to drink at night, and wolves cross it at dusk. The largest mountain bison population in the world roams this area. Here, right on the river, in the middle of one of the last wilderness areas in Europe, we pitch our tents.

On this unique, eight-day wilderness expedition, we travel by minibus from Vienna and initially spend the night in a lonely forest hut in the Poland/Slovakia border area. We then drive to the edge of Bieszczady National Park, Poland's largest mountain national park, and hike down to the river. We now spend 5 days in the middle of this wonderful natural landscape. We explore rare primeval forests and beautiful flower meadows, read the tracks of wolves and bears, and observe life on the river at dawn. We light fires without matches, eat partly from nature and listen to exciting wilderness stories around the campfire. And when there is nothing to do, we bathe in the river or enjoy the power and peace of nature, while perhaps the mighty sea eagle circles above us. Back in our forest hut, we finally explore the natural and cultural landscape of the Eastern Carpathians Biosphere Reserve on horseback.


Detailed information

In the following information sheet you will find all further information about the exact course of the tour, dates & prices, services, an equipment list and general important information.

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