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Experience Wilderness GmbH

Eastern Carpathians

Feel the wilderness in the realm of wolves, lynxes and bears!


Apart from Russia, Romania is the country with by far the largest number of bears, lynxes and wolves in Europe. For the most part, these fascinating predators roam the Carpathian Mountains, and this is exactly where this "Experience Wilderness" tour takes us, into the heart of the Eastern Carpathians near the Calimani National Park.

In the expedition, which lasts 10 days in total, we travel by night train and minibus, pitch our tents in a clearing in the middle of a forest rich in old and dead wood and experience the wilderness of the Eastern Carpathians. We sneak up on deer, capercaillie and three-toed woodpecker, look for the tracks of wolves, lynxes and bears, light fires without matches and enjoy the nights around the campfire. As a special highlight, we finally explore the natural and cultural landscape of Romania on horseback. After this wilderness adventure we relax in a typical regional private pension and visit Sibiu (Hermannstadt), the most famous Transylvanian city with its impressive historical city center.


Detailed information

In the following information sheet you will find all further information about the exact course of the tour, dates & prices, services, an equipment list and general important information.

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