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West Austria

The natural jewels of Bavaria

Mystical forests and lovely valleys. Millions of years old fossils and Stone Age caves. Rugged rocky outcrops and species-rich flower meadows. Huge moors, mighty mountain giants and fjord-like lakes.

Bavaria's diverse natural treasures are waiting to be discovered by you!

No, we ignore Neuschwanstein. Bavaria has much better to offer. Real natural jewels that have been preserved almost in their original state despite the long history of settlement. For example, the remnants of the jungle in the Bavarian Forest National Park, or the mighty mountain giants in the Bavarian Alps. But it is precisely because humans have used some landscapes for thousands of years, but not over-exploited them, that beautiful cultural landscapes have emerged. Like Franconian Switzerland, dotted with caves and castle ruins, and the species-rich juniper heaths of the Altmühltal. On this unique nature trip we will explore the most exciting, often little-known natural treasures of Bavaria, stay in small, nice private guesthouses, inns or alpine huts, and enjoy typical regional food and drinks.

For example, we hike between old giant trees in the Bavarian Forest and enjoy the sunset over the largest forest sea in Central Europe. We glide through Franconian Switzerland in a canoe and search for fossils in the Altmühltal with a hammer and chisel. We explore the largest moor in Central Europe and spend the night in an alpine hut in the middle of the mountains. Away from the tourist crowds, we enjoy the beautiful Königssee, from the water but also from the mountain. And try to spot the kings of the skies in the Berchtesgaden National Park together with a ranger. All this and much more in a small group of max. 8 participants, led by highly qualified biologists or wilderness guides.


Detailed information

In the following information sheet you will find all further information about the exact course of the tour, dates & prices, services as well as general important information.

And here you can book this tour!

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