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Survival in the wild

One month, just with a knife

The last wilderness in Europe is disappearing rapidly. Time to set an example:

Bernd Pfleger, biologist and wilderness guide, reports on the hardest time of his life - his survival trip to the Poloniny National Park, Slovakia / Poland. The goal: to survive a month in the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains. The equipment: a knife, a set of clothes on your body, seven camera batteries, one conviction! No sleeping bag, no lighter, no tent, ... The food: water, plants and insects. To draw attention to the dramatic disappearance of the wild in Eastern Europe!

How does it feel to lose 17 kilograms or to lie in a pitch-dark and cold pile of leaves for 36 hours? What does it take to survive outside? And what does it take to be happy?

Hear his incredible stories, videos and diary entries, his fight for fire, his encounters with wild animals, and his reports of unscrupulous deforestation in the national park. How long did he make it?


Customers about Experience Wilderness

Lioba D .: "I was always part of the excitement. Frozen, suffered, happy too!"

Henning J .: "In contrast to other lectures, I never looked at the clock. It was just so exciting!"

Franzi K .: "A perfect mix of stories, videos, tips and photos!"

Thomas S .: "It was gripping, lively, authentic and absolutely worth experiencing. It's really great how you play with the media, maintain the tension and literally let your audience participate in your adventure."

Unknown: "Thank you so much for this great evening!"

Thomas P .: "I was skeptical whether you could make an interesting 2-hour lecture from this topic alone. But then it was super-exciting from start to finish!"

Nicole H .: "So yesterday's lecture was…. Ingenious. Exciting. Valuable. Meaningful. Funny. Entertaining. Nice message. Clear WHY. Great red thread. Authentic. Charismatic. SIMPLY SUPER LEIWAND !!!!"

Here are the impressions of the outdoor and travel blogger Martin Moser from the live report!


Dates and ticket reservations

There are currently no performances planned. You can also book this live report as a private performance. The lecture lasts approx. 2x 60 minutes, there is a short break in between.

Many events are sold out - in order to avoid disappointment at the box office, it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance (more information on the individual dates) or at up to 24 hours before the event, stating the venue Reservations. Reserved tickets must be picked up at the box office no later than 20 minutes before the start of the event (at the advance booking price). The cards will then be released for sale again.



"In the course of this survival trip I realized that all my exciting experiences, insights and problems could not be packed into a 90 minute presentation. So I decided to publish my diary. I am currently working on a readable version and hope to present the book soon to be able to. "

Pre-orders with name and address at !

The book will be sent to you as soon as it is published (price approx. € 20-24).

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