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Snow safari

Snow safari in the Wooded Carpathians

In the forest of the Polish-Slovakian Carpathians, dreamy winter landscapes roam to track down wolves, bears, deer, lynx and bison. Warm up by the fireplace in a lonely forest hut, enjoy a hot soup and listen to stories about the wilderness.

Where in Europe do you have realistic chances of spotting wolf, bear, deer, lynx, wild cat or wisent (European bison)? In the vicinity of the Poloniny National Park in the Poland / Slovakia border area! And when are the best chances of success? In the winter! Then these animals come out of their hiding place during the day and leave easily visible tracks in the snow.

For a whole week we therefore explore the most beautiful corners of Europe's largest complex of near-natural beech and fir forests with snowshoes in order to track down these fascinating animals and to enjoy the idyllic winter landscape. In the evening we return to our rustic wooden hut, warm ourselves by the fireplace, enjoy a typical regional dinner and let the day pass in comfort. In addition, we go in search of the European bison with a local biologist in the Eastern Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and ride through the snowy landscape on horseback. All of this in a small group of max. 8 participants, led by the biologist and wilderness guide Bernd Pfleger.


Detailed information

In the following information sheet you will find all further information about the exact course of the tour, dates & prices, services as well as general important information.

And here you can book this tour!

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