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Participants of the Experience Wilderness tours, nature trips and day tours can share their experiences here:

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# 46 Robert Colditz (Wednesday, December 30, 2020)

I like to think back to a true highlight of this unconventional year 2020: my stay at the Poloniny with Bernd Pfleger and Uli Höning. To be up close in a pristine landscape and really in a European jungle and to perceive the presence of ancient animals has a powerful lasting effect on the soul - calming and stimulating at the same time. Thank you very much for this impressive journey to the dignity of primeval nature.

# 45 Dagmar Vollmer (Sunday, September 27, 2020 10:16 AM)

A very big thank you for this unique wilderness tour in the Poloniny National Park, I would like to say to the guides Bernd and Uli. The week in the Forest Carpathians broadened my perspective on nature enormously and I felt absolutely comfortable and secure there. There was always something new to discover. The primeval beech forests with many traces of deer, fox, wolf, bison and bear impressed me very much. Species-rich mountain meadows complemented this wonderful natural and cultural landscape. Traveling timelessly brings new experiences and impressions into life.
That was pure deceleration! The wonderful trail ride and striking sights in Slovakia rounded off the trip wonderfully. Bernd and Uli, keep it up!

# 44 Jeannine Blaser (Monday, September 21, 2020 8:23 PM)

The tour to the Poloniny National Park was a great experience. Bernd and Uli succeeded in conveying a more conscious view of nature. The time in the wilderness was very educational. It was good to spend so much time outside and to consciously enjoy the wonderful and varied nature of the Forest Carpathians. This original wilderness area is unique in terms of flora and fauna. I also really enjoyed the sociable rounds around the campfire. This tour was a great experience that I would highly recommend to any nature lover. Many thanks to Bernd and Uli!

# 43 Karin Rührlinger (Monday, September 21, 2020 7:00 p.m.)

The week in Poloniny NP with Bernd Pfleger and Ulli Hönig was a special experience! It was very interesting to see the tracks of wolf, bison and bear. The hikes in this pristine wilderness area will remain in my memory. The diversity of the landscapes - one is amazed and happy that it still exists! The short visit to the edge of a jungle was something very special! I will continue to work to ensure that the last wilderness areas are preserved. Through the simple life in our forest camp, I realized once again that gratitude and humility can change a lot. Thank you, Bernd and Ulli!

# 42 Ulrike (Monday, 24 August 2020 16:50)

We got to know the natural beauties of Croatia with Uli at the beginning of August. It was a very nice trip through a country unknown to us, which was not only varied, but also relaxing!
So many great impressions, so many different beautiful places and situations ... Clear water, rushing waterfalls, canoe tours, jumping from rocks into water, climbing up and down mountains, enjoying views of untouched nature, "hearing" the silence ... Weather from sunny and very hot to rainy and cool (that was a welcome change for us!) ...
I find this way of traveling super relaxing: you don't have to worry about where to find the next accommodation or that you get the right exit from the highway ... you can just enjoy being on the road.
Otherwise I know it from myself at the end of the vacation that I drive home a little reluctantly because I want to enjoy the beautiful even longer. This time I was so full of all the experiences and so satisfied that I was happy to go home again.

# 41 Markus from Vorarlberg (Monday, 03 February 2020 08:08)

After an absolutely tough ascent for me, I was fully compensated by the beauty of the Dead Mountains and the exciting reading of traces. Many thanks to the sociable group who rounded off the evening in the warm self-catering hut. My next tour with Bernd is already planned and I am looking forward to more nature experiences that can be experienced in greater depth through these expert tours

# 40 Josef R. (Saturday, February 01 2020 09:22)

During the snowshoe hike in the dead mountains, I was able to determine quite well how interesting the connection between the characteristics of nature is. I am now more aware of the particularity of the plants. The guide Bernd helped me a lot with his contributions. Overall, I found the two days to be quite uncomplicated and pleasant. It was educational because of the topics we discussed and a little demanding in terms of awareness and physical fitness

# 39 Peter Indinger (Thursday, January 30, 2020 8:48 PM)

As a passionate, downhill-oriented ski tourer, it was once a great experience to explore the Dead Mountains around the Liezener Hütte with snowshoes without an altimeter and watch. Fascinating what you suddenly see under the expert guidance of Bernd. In the evenings in the well-heated hut there was plenty of adventure telling by entertainer Bernd, stories from Austria's nature and from distant Africa. Thank you for the wonderful weekend!

# 38 Kohlbauer Franz (Friday, October 18, 2019 1:31 PM)

Great combination of natural treasures - many beautiful experiences.

# 37 Markus & Elisabeth from Vorarlberg (Wednesday, 07 August 2019 07:41)

Fortunately we managed to go on a trip with Bernd again - our destination was Croatia. There were again a colorful bunch of nature lovers in the group, which also resulted in excellent group dynamics due to the age difference. Bernd showed us the natural and cultural beauties again in his professional way. Gudrun noticed several times that Bernd dealt with the country and culture very well and certainly had to spend nights studying about it. If the next dates match up with the crop rotation of our stable, we will be happy to travel with him again.

# 36 Andi and Erika (Thursday, 25 July 2019 09:26)

Natural beauties of Croatia - a really great trip with an ingenious mix of moderate hikes in partly untouched nature, partly to classic waterfalls, adventures in a kayak, a swim in the sea, an evening in the city, ...
Reservations about group travel disappeared immediately in a motley group of preferring fellow travelers.
All of this with perfect travel planning and guidance. Thank you Bernd!
Will probably also become repeat offenders.

# 35 Alexander Scheichl (Tuesday, 23 July 2019 18:06)

At the beginning of July I was able to discover the natural beauties of Croatia with Bernd, it is unbelievable and impressive what Croatia has to offer. It was a wonderful trip in a very nice group! I will soon register for the next trip with Bernd ...

# 34 Heinz and Ulli (Tuesday, July 23, 2019 10:38 am)

We are repeat offenders and this year we were able to experience with Bernd what Croatia has to offer apart from the sea and the beach. Thanks to him, it was again a very varied, exciting week in a group with like-minded people. We are already thinking about the next trip ...

# 33 Gabriele Berger (Monday, June 10th 2019 19:16)

The east of Austria is so beautiful - this was shown very impressively by the expedition in Eastern Austria in May 2019. The expert information from tour guide Bernd deepened the visual impressions and sensitized us to the fact that we should appreciate these jewels and protect them more. Thank you very much for the great encounters and company!

· # 32 Roswitha Demel-D. (Friday, June 07 2019 21:45)

This trip, the natural jewels of Eastern Austria, in May 2019 was the first of its kind for me and I was very enthusiastic. The natural talent Bernd, but also Uli, conveyed so much to us and offered a humorous alternative program when the weather was not so nice. I'm sorry I didn't find out about these trips sooner!

# 31 Johannes Fahrenberger (Thursday, June 6th 2019 10:18 am)

The tour of Eastern Austria was an excellent nature experience for me. Despite some weather-related obstacles, there was sufficient flexibility of the participants and the tour guide to find alternatives. It was an all-round successful break from everyday working life. I can only recommend this tour to all nature-loving people.

# 30 Helga Kofler (Wednesday, June 05 2019 19:26)

Forgot to mention which trip it was. Sorry!
"The natural jewels of Eastern Austria" in May 2019

# 29 Helga Kofler (Wednesday, June 05 2019 19:18)

I enjoyed the trip very much. As soon as I read the program, I was thrilled.
First of all, we were always out and about in nature, experienced and learned soooo many interesting things. Nevertheless, it was entertaining and a lot of fun: wine tasting, trolley ride
The quarters were also always something special.
And of course Bernd and Uli were very good!

# 28 Traudl Ludwig (Wednesday, June 05, 2019 1:36 PM)

It was the first time I took part in such a trip from Experience Wilderness and I came home absolutely delighted. With Bernd and Ulli we observed animals, from the storks in the white stork reserve to beetles, frogs, green lizards, dice snakes and a very lovely situation was when we saw woodpecker parents feeding their young in a tree hole. We experienced primeval forests with dead trees still standing or lying down, which integrated themselves beautifully into the natural structure, we learned how to make tinder out of a tree sponge for a fire, what language the birds speak to each other and much more. Our country is so beautiful, it doesn't matter where you go and you should really enjoy it with all your senses, just as we were able to do with the canoe trip and were also enthusiastic about riding the Dreisine. Also the feeling of "stumbling" through the undergrowth of a forest at night was totally interesting and led us to the photo site for the wild cats and other animals. This week was super nice and interesting! - Thank you!!!

# 27 Gerhard M (Sunday, February 10th 2019 10:58 am)

Experience Wilderness Poloniny National Park, Slovakia / Poland - February 2019
Thanks to our guide Bernd Pfleger, who guided us through the snow-covered forests and open spaces on our snowshoes with his passion for nature, his specialist knowledge and humor. Immerse yourself in the sometimes little touched forest, sharpen your senses, observe animals, learn to read tracks and tracks, listen to silence and noises, recognize natural relationships and processes in the forest. Night hike, a day with a local researcher on the trail of the bison, a day riding ... It was a super eventful week!

# 26 Christa (Saturday, February 02, 2019 16:33)

We went snowshoeing in the Dead Mountains with Bernd. A really great experience, which was not only very educational, but also very nice. Deep wintry conditions and yet there was so much to see!
That also compensates for the ascent that has pushed me to my limits (and beyond).

# 25 Renate Upper Austria (Monday, October 15, 2018 7:27 PM)

I made the trip to Slovenia with Bernd and was surprised what this country has to offer. Without this trip I would not have seen a lot and never have discovered a country around the corner.
This time we were close to bears. I just like to walk through the forest with other people interested in nature, nice people and thanks to Bernd more than alone.

# 24 Heinz and Ulli (Wednesday, 05 September 2018 11:50)

The nature adventure trip in July kept what it had promised in the tender in all respects. There were wonderful days in Eastern Austria, which we were allowed to spend together with Bernd and six other lovable nature enthusiasts. Thanks to Bernd's careful planning and varied design, we have experienced and learned a lot. With great pleasure again.

# 23 Elisabeth & Markus from Vorarlberg (Wednesday, August 8th 2018 8:08 pm)

In July we were allowed to take part in the WWF excursion - Natural Jewels of Eastern Austria. An exciting, varied tour showed us the beauties and places of our homeland that are worth protecting. The participants all turned out to be pleasant personalities with a lot of interest in the animal and plant world, which Bernd also skillfully conveyed to us. In any case, we will plan our next nature trip with Bernd again.

# 22 Ines and Thomas (Sunday, July 15, 2018 9:16 PM)

It was an experience and at the same time relaxation. We recommend this tour for everyone who wants to know more about nature and feel nature!

# 21 Susi (Monday, July 02, 2018 8:13 PM)

This was the first time I went on such an excursion and loved it from the start. Everything was just right, the group, the atmosphere, the environment ... I experienced so much and learned exciting new things this weekend in the Salzatal - thanks again to Bernd!
It will probably not be the last tour; )

# 20 Ingrid (Wednesday, May 09, 2018 6:25 PM)

The whole trip an experience:
Country, people, animals, starry skies, sunrises and sunsets and much more.
Thanks to Bernd our knowledgeable and considerate tour guide
and to Fred who also drove us through this impressive country.
It was nice with you all

# 19 Marion (Monday, 07 May 2018 16:45)

for me the first Africa experience and the first trip with Bernd
across Namibia to the Vic Falls
just "THANK YOU" Bernd for the unforgettable highlights (overwhelming landscapes and moods, game drives with many impressive sightings and explanations) I'm still "flashed" :-)))
... and to avoid repetition, I agree with the previous speakers

# 18 Lothar (Monday, 07 May 2018)

Addendum to Namib (Windhoek) Vicfalls Tour Apr. 2018: My special thanks go to our tour guide and driver Bernd, who led the group with great sensitivity, to Fred who drove the whole tour incredibly casually and to the tour group welcomed me so openly and welcomed me very well. So we were all able to take a lot with us from this trip and are all looking forward to new adventures with our friend Bernd Pfleger ...

# 17 Lothar (Saturday, 05 May 2018 19:54)

The Windhoek-Vicfalls private tour in April 2018 was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. The rock-solid setup of the tour, the implementation and the grand finale at Victoria Falls was first class and will be difficult to top.

# 16 Herbert Schimböck (Saturday, 05 May 2018 19:31)

The Namib-Vicfalls Tour was a wonderful experience in our travel lives. Got to know many facets of the African landscape, people and animals. The tour group, with its different characters, also went very well together. Thanks Bernd for the organization and Fred for his commitment as a driver.
We would be delighted if we could explore a new travel destination with all of you again.
Guggi and Margit

# 15 Peter G. (Thursday, 03 May 2018 12:03)

The Namib - Vicfalls Tour was an absolute highlight - exciting, thrilling, breathtaking! A great group, great quarters, fantastic landscapes, wild animals and, last but not least, our guide Bernd made the trip an unforgettable experience! Thanks to his competence, his specialist knowledge, his flexibility and his efforts, my expectations were even exceeded! Every day I thought to myself, I couldn't beat it anymore, but then ...!
Many thanks Bernd (and a special thanks again to Fred for driving the 2nd car)!

# 14 Anouschka Z. (Wednesday, February 21, 2018 21:53)

Safari in the snow on the tracks of the bison - as soon as we read that we thought, woof, that's something completely different. And that's exactly how it was. We were and still are absolutely thrilled. Thank you Bernd for bringing us all the exciting and interesting things about nature closer to us in a wonderful way. Every day was a highlight in itself. Reading tracks in the snow, just following the tracks in the snow, be it wolf or otter. To enjoy the snowy winter landscape - like in a fairy tale - be it on horseback or on snowshoes. Yes, and to be lucky enough to meet the very shy bison freely in nature, that was absolutely awesome. It was also wonderful to be together in the hut with the group. We are still indulging in the experiences and have the feeling that the souls are still 'jamming' around peacefully with the animals in the snowy landscape of the Forest Carpathians.
Thank you so much, Bernd :-)
Anouschka & Silvio

# 13 Josef (Sunday, September 17, 2017 3:41 PM)

This was my 5th tour with Bernd. I am as excited this time as with everything
other trips. Each was something special in itself. I'm already looking forward to the next trip!

# 12 Helmut Ille (Monday, January 09, 2017 9:03 PM)

Experience Wilderness Tour - NP - Upper Austria Kalkalpen, Sept. 2016.
I was talked into this adventure by my wife, but it is not so easy to get involved in it at the age of 69. I had trained a little before, cycling and hiking, but you have to carry about 20 kilos of luggage uphill first, I wasn't even aware of that. But the guides were absolutely great! We went on wild paths, in terrain where I would never have set foot before and WITHOUT a GUIDE and experienced great impressions of an untouched nature. We were a great group, funny, committed young people who always fully helped and after my objection, I'm a bit older and sometimes I run out of breath, they even set the pace according to me. Sleeping in the tent was strange but was also quite good and in the evenings there was even warm food, the two guides could also cook in the wilderness. There was also a hike in a great, untouched valley with a torrent, this was also strenuous but very impressive. I don't want to miss out on all of these experiences, even if some things weren't easy and I am allowed to speak to our group and the TWO guides, who were very careful about our safety and look forward to many natural events, be it plants, animals or self-help in the Wilderness (water, weather) have drawn our attention, thank you very much.
Warm greetings
Gerti and Helmut

# 11 Carin E. (Tuesday, December 20, 2016 3:38 pm)

What a wonderful, varied trip!
We explored the magnificent and diverse landscapes in eastern Germany by minibus, boat, houseboat and narrow-gauge train, as well as on hikes through fascinating forests. In addition to the impressive nature experiences, thanks to careful planning, there was always enough time for a stroll through town, a swim in the Baltic Sea or just to enjoy. The accommodations that awaited us in the evening were all very comfortable, beautifully located (directly on the lake or with a view of the Baltic Sea) or original (e.g. in a 100-year-old villa with many wall and ceiling paintings or - my own Highlight the overnight stays on the houseboat)
My conclusion: an eventful week full of great new impressions, without stress, perfectly selected destinations and accommodations - a week in which I got to know and love eastern Germany, thank you very much, dear Bernd

# 10 Klaus W (Monday, November 21, 2016 12:58)

I really enjoyed the wilderness week in the Kalkalpen National Park with Bernd. The campground was secluded in a forest, when I got up I could take a deep breath of the clean forest air. As a group, we went on hikes at different times of the day on paths that had not been used for a long time, some overgrown paths and explored the flora and fauna. Bernd encouraged us to use all of our senses and thus strengthen our perception. Recognizing the sounds, traces and slogans became easier and easier. The most exciting moment was when a herd of deer walked past us at dawn! Bernd had chosen the campsite in such a way that we did not have long ways to drinking water sources and were very close to routes frequented by animals. Over dinner, Bernd told us vividly about his experiences on his various tours. Nature is very important to him, he really lives his job. Thanks Bernd

# 9 Fini (Friday, June 24th 2016 16:32)

It was the first trip of this kind for us - exploring nature with Bernd, reading trails, picnicking in the forest - and it was exciting and interesting.
We would be happy to take you on a trip again, Bernd. Thank you!
Helmut and Fini

# 8 renate stepany-pall (Thursday, June 23, 2016 11:21 am)

I liked it. Especially the explanations about plants and animals, reading traces. It is a pity that there are no such trips for people who travel more slowly.
I know that I'm slow, but persistent - that's why I dared. However, I don't want to run after the others a second time.

# 7 Gaby P. (Sunday, June 19, 2016 11:12 PM)

My meanwhile 5th nature trip with Bernd, this time to East Germany -Rügen, Vilm Island etc. was, as always, interesting and very varied. Bernd's calm and empathetic manner, his explanations and stories and the nice tour group made this week fly by. Everything worked out great, the mixture of hiking, sightseeing, the sea and above all the houseboat tour on the lakes was ideal. All in all a wonderful trip for me and I am already looking forward to the “Austria tour” next year. Thank you Bernd

# 6 Regine Kox (Monday, June 06, 2016 12:18 PM)

Regine Kox
The trip to the north, Rügen, Vilm Island, houseboat ... was great.
As always, Bernd showed and explained a lot of interesting things in nature.
We have hiked and seen a lot. It was an all-round successful trip. I can just recommend her.

# 5 Wolfgang Reinbacher (Monday, November 9th 2015 21:55)

I really enjoyed the week in NP Risnjak in Croatia, especially the observations from the bear observation hut in the middle of the NP area, where we saw 3 deer and a brown bear, was impressive. The hikes together, especially the evening and night hikes, were very exciting and interesting. I can also judge the choice of the campsite as very good, because in my opinion it is very nice and well located, with regard to animal observation and a water source. Can only recommend the trips and hope for more exciting and beautiful tours with Bernd. Maybe a week of snowshoeing in the Pieniny NP in eastern Slovakia in winter.
Thank you again!

# 4 Mohapatra family (Friday, September 05, 2014 21:24)

We were with Bernd in June 2014 in the Karparten on an Experience Wilderness Tour. We - that's three children (15/12/10) plus parents. The children experienced Bernd as a sensitive person who was very responsive to the respective needs. Bernd's cooking and storytelling skills were also very much appreciated. The climb to the base camp was a challenge but everyone did it well.
Our perception of nature has changed significantly as a result of the tour. Our two elders got very excited on the drive from Sibiu to the Carpathian Mountains and had a good chat with Bernd about environmental and nature issues. An unforgettable trip. Makes you want to go on further trips with Bernd - the kids want to go to Africa with him!

# 3 Rupert H. (Monday, September 09, 2013 2:22 PM)

6 days in the last wilderness areas of Upper Austria in the Kalkalpen National Park;
Perception, attention, relaxation in a wonderful natural landscape;
Contacts with birds of prey, amphibians, reptiles, beautiful beetles such as the alpine buck and chamois and much more have shaped these days with animal encounters which otherwise have become very rare.
In addition, a really great group of like-minded people made these days a special time.
I look forward to the next opportunity to experience nature in its original form again.
Thanks to everyone who was there and especially of course to Bernd.

# 2 Rudi Tietze (Friday, November 30th 2012 5:28 pm)

From September 8th to 16th, 2012 I was on a wilderness tour in the Eastern Carpathians with our guide Bernd and Alfred. We started in Vienna and took the night train (couchette) via Hungary to Medias in Romania. In Medias we visited the historic city center and had an extensive breakfast. At the start of the Wildernes Tour we drove through endless street villages by car, met many horse-drawn carts, some with festively dressed locals; we also saw richly decorated carriages with Sinti; sometimes you felt like you had been transported back 100 years. But there was no sign of poverty in the population - as I had expected it to be. During the entire trip we met very friendly and open-minded Romanians, although there were often problems with understanding, as English or German is only spoken sporadically. During our city stroll in Medias and Sighisoara, I was impressed by the magnificent houses, churches, castles and squares from the time of the former Transylvanian population of German origin.
My fellow traveler Alfred has already described in detail what we have experienced outside of civilization; Nothing essential can be added to his descriptions.
Our young but experienced Guid Bernd was always in a good mood, cooked excellently and surprised me again and again with his in-depth knowledge of nature. I'm looking forward to the next tour with him.

# 1 Alfred P. (Tuesday, September 25th 2012 10:01 am)

I was in the Carpathian Mountains with Bernd at the beginning of September and it was really an experience. Sleeping in a tent for days in the wilderness - once even in the open air. In a beautiful clearing, sheltered under trees. The food is cooked around the campfire - even fresh bread. Water from a small spring that tasted wonderful. Forays through the overgrown forest at dusk and once all day (even barefoot !!). Study the slogans and traces of the various animals such as wild boars, wolves, deer, roe deer, foxes, capercaillie, etc. and have them interpreted by the experienced wilderness guide. No watch, no cell phone - just live according to the rhythm of nature for a few days. Sit around the campfire and tell each other stories (interrupted a few times by the roar of the deer). A campfire that was lit once with a self-made tool without a match or lighter (not an easy thing and sweaty).
The descent into civilization and the hearty meal of the hearty landlady after a few days was quite a break.
Another highlight of this trip was a day on horseback in the Calimani National Park. Although never ridden it was great fun to ride the good-natured horses far into the park and up to 2000m.
The last day belonged to the beautiful old town of Sighisoara (German: Schässburg).
If you take a trip into the partially untouched nature and want to learn something from nature, you can do this under really competent guidance with Bernd.
Thank you Bernd for this beautiful, adventurous trip

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