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The natural beauties of Hungary

Extensive swamp and moorland landscapes in endless plains, lush belts of reeds in unique steppe lakes, bizarre worlds of caves in densely forested mountain slopes, and fascinating seas of flowers in the world-famous Puszta - that is Hungary!

Hungary is different. With its special geographical location in the center of the Pannonian Basin, surrounded by low mountain ranges and traversed by large rivers such as the Danube and the Tisza, many natural and cultural landscapes have emerged that you will not find anywhere else in this world. The mere fact that 400 of the approx. 500 bird species native to Europe have been recorded in this relatively small country underlines Hungary's special position. And we will explore the most impressive and interesting natural jewels of Hungary on this extraordinary, exclusive nature tour in small groups!

We start with Hungary's oldest and largest national park, the Hortobágy, which is part of the world-famous Puszta, and roam a fascinating steppe landscape interspersed with numerous bodies of water and swamps. Water buffalo, gray cattle, racket sheep and numerous species of birds lead an undisturbed life here. We hike through the magnificent, extensive beech forests of the Bükk low mountain range and look for the last remains of the primeval forest in Hungary, explore the largest cave system in Central Europe in the Aggtelek National Park, admire the sea of ​​flowers and famous drifting sand dunes in the Puszta of the Kiskunsag National Park, and glide through the fascinating canoe Floodplain landscape of the Danube-Drava National Park. The conclusion is the largest salt water lake in Europe and the westernmost steppe lake in Eurasia, the Fertö (Neusiedler) lake, whose fascinating reed landscape we will explore by boat.



In the attached PDF document you will find all further information about the exact course of the tour, dates & prices, services, an equipment list and general important information.

Simply download, view or print out!

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