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Travel sustainably

Tested environmentally friendly and fair

We are proud that WWF Austria trusts us and that we are allowed to develop and lead trips exclusively for Austria's largest environmental protection organization! These are marked with the following logo and can also be booked for non-members:

WWF Logo + EW (richtige Farbe!).png

So that you can be sure that our tours are environmentally friendly and social, and that we continue to push forward gentle tourism as pioneers, we have, for example, been certified with the best possible seal of quality and have joined the Association for Sustainable Tourism:


We are very pleased that some of our trips have already been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel for travel offers! (The remaining tours are still being reviewed.)

This counterpart to the German “Blue Angel” is an independent seal of quality issued by the Austrian Ministry of the Environment. It confirms that when designing a travel offer, responsibility is assumed - for the environment and for all people involved in the travel chain. By booking these trips, you can be sure that natural resources are conserved and minimum social standards are maintained. They are marked with this seal.


Why our tours are so sustainable:

  • We travel as environmentally friendly as possible. That's why, for example, we specifically choose destinations near Austria that can be traveled to without a plane and travel with a modern minibus that is as full as possible (because this is the most environmentally friendly way of traveling after walking, cycling and taking the train). For all routes, regardless of the means of transport, the emissions are additionally exceededAtmosfair compensated.

  • We select travel destinations that are particularly worthy of protection with the aim of raising awareness and having a positive impact locally. To this end, we work with committed local companies to ensure that the added value remains in the region as much as possible.

  • But we avoid it in terms of nature conservationsensitive times and places and strictly apply the "Leave No Trace"Principles to avoid harming animals and plants.

  • We select small, relatively simple private accommodations that do not contain any unnecessary luxury.

  • We travel in very small groups of max. 8 participants. This means better adaptation to the local society, enables contact with the local population and fellow travelers and creates a friendlier climate.

  • You experience the nature of a country and get interesting information about its special features, threats and protection.

  • The company is designed as a non-profit company. Surpluses are donated to wilderness conservation projects.

  • On our tours we use organic, regional and seasonal food with a low proportion of animal products where possible in order to keep animal suffering, CO2 emissions and transport routes as low as possible.

  • Thanks to the economical use of electronic consumers and the use of energy-saving devices, our electricity consumption in the office is very low. This is covered 100% by certified green electricity.

  • Other company journeys are almost exclusively made by bicycle, public transport or on foot.


You can also find our award-winning eco-label trips and further informationhere, general information

forum travel differently

We are members offorum travel differently! Over 100 tour operators who are committed to sustainable tourism have come together here. All specialists who make their trips more environmentally friendly and socially responsible. “Forum anders reisen” stands for special travel experiences that are oriented towards people and the environment.


Climate alliance operation


We are also part of theClimate Alliance Austria to protect the global climate. In this regard, our company was subjected to a climate check and we are committed to maintaining or further improving our very high climate protection standards. More informationhere.

Of course, we work with many other organizations to offer you a great wilderness experience. You can find an overviewhere.

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