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COVID-19 precautions

Safe and enjoyable travel despite Corona

We have given a lot of thought to how we will create our tours in 2021 so that they can be carried out safely, but also carefree and exciting. This is where our environmentally friendly and high-quality concept suits us very well: Small accommodations, small groups, a lot in the great outdoors away from the crowds, preferably no flights. In order to reduce border crossings, we will also be concentrating heavily on Austria with two new tours in 2021.

If protective measures are still necessary at the time of the trip, we will of course take them. In order for us to be able to deal with each other in a carefree way, all participants should test themselves for the corona virus by means of an antigen rapid test or self-test (or show a vaccination certificate) a maximum of 1 day before the tour. We will also carry antigen self-tests and test ourselves approximately every 2-3 days during the tour.

In the meantime, our travel insurances also offer sufficient protection in the event of illnesses and cancellations in the context of the corona pandemic. And if the tour is not possible or safe according to official assessment (e.g. if there is an official travel warning of level 5 or 6 or a quarantine in the target area is necessary), we will postpone the tour and you can withdraw free of charge.

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