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The natural beauties of Slovakia

Unique primeval forests, cave systems traversed by rivers, mysterious gorges with enchanting waterfalls, and majestic mountain peaks where the gods probably live ... Slovakia, a forgotten natural jewel!

More than 40% of the country is covered with forests. And these hide secrets that we will explore ... Whoever is looking for an encounter with nature, who has something left for little adventures away from the completely organized civilization, who draws new strength from the unspoiled mountain world, but also medieval cities and old cultural landscapes want to explore, this trip is just right for you! On this extraordinary, exclusive nature tour, we visit the well-known and unknown natural highlights of Slovakia in a small group of max. 8 participants and let us be enchanted by their beauty.

We start comfortably and with culinary delights in the famous wine-growing region of the Little Carpathians, before we head into the wild and romantic Vratna Valley and on foot through impressive rocky gorges. Then we slide on a wooden raft through the Dunajec breakthrough and admire the rugged cliffs of the Pieniny National Park. We visit the pretty medieval town center of Levoca and drive to the border area to Poland and the Ukraine, where we roam the wild sea of ​​forests of the Poloniny National Park: Here we explore untouched primeval forests, the home of bears, wolves, lynxes and even the bison. Then we try to explore one of the most fascinating stalactite caves in Central Europe by boat and end our nature journey with a hike through the Slovak Paradise.



In the attached PDF document you will find all further information about the exact course of the tour, dates & prices, services, an equipment list and general important information.

Simply download, view or print out!

Und hier kannst Du diese Tour buchen!

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